Exmouth, Western Australia, August - October 2011


Exmouth in Western Australia is home to the world famous Ningaloo Reef. The Ningaloo Reef is the largest fringing coral reef in Australia thus making it easily accessible from shore. Between March and April Ningaloo Reef's probably most famous inhabitants, the whale shark, find themselfs together to feed on a huge biomass as a result of the annual coral spawning.

When I drove down to Exmouth in early August, the whale shark season was offically finished. But surprisingly two tour operators were still running tours seeing whale sharks every day. All came together and a week later I started to work as a dive master and whale shark spotter for Ningaloo Reef Dreaming.

Although it is commonly believed that the majority of whale sharks only stay from March to end of July, some of them stay much longer, and some of them may even be present the whole year around. 

The nice thing about swimming with whale sharks is that you not only get to swim with the biggest fish in the world, but there is also the chance to see other stuff. While swimming with whale sharks I saw humpback whales, sailfish, dugon, turtles, other sharks, big schools of different fish and a naughty big sea gull swimming next to me.

But then, you can also enojoy the beauty and diversity of the Ningaloo Reef by just starting at one of the many beach access entry points. The average depth is maybe two to four meters and the reef really just starts next to the beach. Lots of fish, turtles, dugongs, corals are waiting to be explored.

Watch this great video one of our customers made (Patrick and his family)  to get an impression o the Ningaloo Reef and our work on the boat as well.


This image gallery contains images I made, from people who were my customers and people I worked with during the whale shark tours and from Kevin Hemeryck, a friend of mine and my snorkeling buddy in Exmouth.

Videos I made during my time in Exmouth, and the video from Patrick I mentioned earlier about a day with Ningaloo Reef Dreaming.