Chalong, Phuket, Thailand, June and December 2011

After finishing my dive master I took the opportunity to join some free diving classes and get some serious training in Phuket before I went back to Australia. It was great fun and a very good investment to finally get some in depth knowledge about the subject. The classes are teached by Richard and Sarah from wefreedive, who offer AIDA freediving classes. This time I didnt take any videos and pictures of the underwater world by myself since I was busy with the classes. I didnt find any time. Fortunately Richard and Sahra take videos during the classes for technique studies and Christian, a pro underwater film maker, took a video of our 1st  AIDA** session.

Click here to watch the video of my AIDA** course

Later the year I came back to Phuket since my flight out of Australia from Perth was to Phuket anyways. Time to catch up with some friends and Richard and Sarah from wefreedive. This time just for pure freediving training. No clourses and tests anymore. I had two great days with Richard out on the boat.