me2smallFreediving, its something acient, its a trend, fashion, a sport, a journey to yourself. Freediving and the approach to it is diverse. Freediving has different faces, dependend on many factors. It can be used, misused, lived, experienced. It can be the best experience of your live or something which can lead to an addiction, turning from just being in the moment to a desire for achievemtn, disconecting yourself from the art and in the end from yourself.

Whats your depth, your distance, how long can you hold your breath? Just byitself these questions are harmless, but they stand for a rationalisation and sportification of the art. The art of being, of expressing yourself under water, moving the way you want to move. When do you feel most comfortable, most calm, most in the moment? The moment of oneness. Whats your position in the water, your fin kick, your style of swimming underwater? The feeling of freedom, savety, purity. 

So what is your freediving to you?